About Us

We are a Team of Coaches striving to help create an ego-free atmosphere open to all.



What We Do

Group shot of kids playing a gameWe strive to create a culture of inclusion. We don’t care about your age, height, body type, weight, etc. If you come with a passion to learn, improve yourself  (and leave your ego at the door) you will be welcomed forever.

Our staff is made up of athletic practitioners of all backgrounds; whether it be gymnastics, parkour, high diving, martial arts, and more. Each coachs’ unique background allows new ways to understand and teach movement skills. There believe there is no one right way to learn or teach anything. Each student is unique and we attempt to empower each student to find their own style of movement  through our specialized training and coaching.

We are the big kids who never grew up. We are the gamers who decided we could be our favorite characters in real life. We believe that with hard work, dedication, and talented, encouraging coaches, anyone can reshape themselves into the person of their dreams. We firmly believe that each person is filled with great potential just waiting to be tapped. Let us help you unleash your potential in an encouraging, fun, and life-changing way!