Meet the most passionate, knowledgeable coaches in the OC.







Coach Justin grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics from age 6-13 under the tutelage of Edward Azarian and Xiaoping Li, two former Olympic Medalists and World Champions. After gymnastics, Justin entered into the world of Competitive Cheer and competed for the PACE All-Stars for 3 years; His varsity team won two consecutive National Championships. During this time Justin earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Award after 13 years in Cub and Boy Scouts. After he finished Competitive Cheer, he spent high school and college competing in Spring Board High Diving, culminating in a first place finish at the 2007 California State Championships. That same year, Justin finished up his Aggressive Inline skating career with an 8th place finish at the AIL Skating World Championships in the non-sponsored category. After finishing his degree in Industrial Technology from CSU Los Angeles School of Engineering and Technology, Justin began training in parkour and freerunning as well as performing in trampoline, gymnastics, and stunt shows. Justin has always loved teaching children, which stems from his mother running a day care out of his house while he was growing up. After years of gymnastics training and a lifetime surrounded by children, Justin earned his first coaching position at the young age of 13 and has been coaching in gyms and on pool decks ever since. After 13 years of coaching, Justin grew dissatisfied with the restraints placed upon his teaching in mega sized gymnastics gyms. This led to his goal to open his own training academy that offers classes in any and all types of movement.




Coach Glenn’s favorite part of coaching is showing kids there are more options than just the traditional path. He began his parkour career at the age of 14 and his love for Avatar: The Last Airbender and Assassin’s Creed encouraged this passion. Parkour made him an athlete and gave him the ability to become a trainer and mentor. While one of his favorite places to practice parkour is outside, Coach Glenn knows the safest place to train is inside a gym. He lives by the philosophy, “Until you try to teach someone else the move, you don’t really know it yourself.” He also recommends that kids try team sports since they encourage an understanding of how to work with people for a common goal.




Angel Griffin has had a passion for long term health and fitness from the age of 12. She studied team gymnastics at 8 years old, competed in her teens in rock climbing, and made it to the top 300 in the U.S. for Cross Country running at age 16. In college, she studied Sports Massage Therapy, Nutrition, and earned her B.A. in Japanese. While at the same time went on to win National Championships in Lindy Hop Swing Dancing and Salsa, studying the historical art under the tutelage of Minn Vo, and was hired to perform on shows like American Idol. She currently holds a black belt in karate and runs Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, Firestorm’s talent program that allows young athletes to become professional performers and book them professional acrobatic work.




Coach Freelove was never one of the Team Sport kind of athletes. Growing up he hopped from extreme sport to extreme sport. He spent time training in water polo, swim and springboard diving in the pool and skateboarding, BMX, dirt biking, and snowboarding on the land. It was through playing with friends on their backyard trampoline that Freelove began to develop a love for flips and spins. This interest in individual movement set his path for a focus on parkour and freerunning as his training sport of choice. Recently, he has begun to rediscover his love of trampolines using the Olympic Aussie bed trampoline and trampwall at Firestorm.




Coach Brealyn began his life on the wild side at the age of 7. While growing up he discovered a love for everything “hands on” and had the desire to see just how much he could learn. His love of being outside lead him to climb trees, run, jump over objects, and eventually to teach himself basic tumbling. Brealyn is a self proclaimed gear head and has spent his fair share of time racing dirt bikes, BMXs, and go karts. In 2013 Brealyn discovered Firestorm and began his newest passions: parkour, tricking, tumbling, and trampoline wall.




Coach TK is “The coaches’ coach.” With over a decade of academy and Team Gymnastics coaching, Coach TK is a wealth of athletic knowledge. TK grew up with two older brothers who were competitive gymnasts, so his training began at the tender age of three. In addition to being a life long gymnast, he is also a second degree blackbelt in Taekwondo. TK spends his summers and winters performing Power tumbling, trampoline, Tramp-wall, and charter work for the Cirque groups All Wheel Sports and IL CiRCo. Ever seen anyone do a triple backflip? TK is one of the few people who can. TK is a beast, and one of the only coaches at Firestorm who has experience teaching every single sport we offer.




Coach Sebastian comes from a Pole Vaulting background through out all of High school. Sebastian graduated college with a degree in Fine Arts and is currently going back to school again to study Film making. Sebastian is putting his Fine Arts Degree to use by creating his own comic book that is in the final stages of being submitted for print. He has a strong interest in “Human Reclamation” and “Existential Philosophy”. He sees parkour, in each object having potential beyond its initially constructed purpose, as being a major means for creating personal freedom to make choices and create meaning for ones self as opposed to following convention.




Coach Stella is a student at CSU Long Beach studying Biology. She comes from a dance background with 5 years of ballet training. She competed in Cheer Leading for 3 years, followed by one year of Cheer coaching. In High School, she spent all four years on the Color Guard team with two years as Captain. She now trains Aerial Silks and Contortion at Firestorm. She enjoys doodling and is a major foody; she loves those sweet treats.





Coach Ryan is a Professor of music at Cal State Fullerton since 2011, the same University at which he had earlier earned his Masters in Jazz Perormance. He began professionally performing his music in 2006. The rhythum and flow of music is something he constantly looks for while training, finding the right beats and timing to tie together both music and freerunning. Ryan keeps a solid training regiment of body weight strength training, rock climbing, and Calisthenics and loves to keep notes about his workouts and how to improve them. Ryan is always looking for ways to bring the knowledge of teaching college courses to the gym in how to reach students in his Parkour/Freerunning classes.




Coach Alex is currently a student at California State University Fullerton studying Business. Growing up he never really enjoyed conventional sports but loved high energy activities. His childhood was spent training in Tae Kwon Do and his teenage years training rock climbing. He began training in Parkour at the age of 15 after becoming inspired by games like Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. He now has more than 5 years of Parkour training under his belt and continues to train for ever increasing speed and smoothness in his Parkour flow




Coach Flores joined Firestorm classes well over a year ago to give him an advantage towards his long term life goal; to become a police officer. He saw the benefit of learning proper climbing, running, and jumping technique as a way to improve his performance and help keep himself safe in the job he wants. Flores trained long and hard and eventually moved his way into the Firestorm Coaches group and now teaches young students inspiring them to reach for their goals!




Coach Aaron is currently a student at Cal State Fullerton pursuing a degree in Finance. He began his training in gymnastics at the tender age of 4 where he trained at Eric Will Gymnastics. He transferred from their recreational program to their Competitive Team at the age of 12, a rare feat to be accepted onto a competitive team so late in childhood. He competed until 17 when he decided to begin his coaching career. In his off time he loves to train tumbling and play video games.




Coach Stone is the healer of Firestorm. Catastrophic training injures as young man led Nick to learn as much as he could about the human body, health, nutrition, and movement training. Since then Nick has continued his movement experience with training in parkour and gymnastics. Nick runs Little Heroes classes, positively impacting the life, growth, and training of our youngest students. Nick does additional work on the side as a professional Fire Spinner and is a master of the Contact Fire Staff.




Coach Josh is the Daredevil of Firestorm, in part from his supernatural hearing abilities and his his love to hangout in high, hard to reach spots. Josh likes to cross train in as many sports as possible including rock climbing, strength training, and archery. Josh loves being above ground and you can generally find him up in the scaffolding in the bars section at Firestorm.





Coach Dara graduated from UCI in 2009 with a degree in Biological Sciences. It wasn’t until 2012 that she discovered Aerial Silks and fell in love. Through hard work and training she very quickly mastered a large array of Aerial Silk techniques until she was at the point of being able to help teach others. Her passion is helping teach others and through training, help them discover what brings out the passion in them.





Coach Dillon began his Parkour training outdoors when he was a Senior in high school after becoming captivated by the movement. Within a year he had advanced so quickly that he became a sponsored athlete for the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation, doing Parkour based stuntwork for them. 
He has competed, placed, and won Parkour Speed competitions since 2014. His hobbies include juggling, reading, biking, and weight lifting.




Coach Lo grew up in Aliso Veijo where she trained in competitive gymnastics for 10 years. After her gymnastics career was over she wasn’t sure what to do with the skills she had learned. A friend spent months begging Lo to accompany him to a new gym that had opened, FIrestorm. Lo came to Firestorm and was blown away seeing Coaches Justin and TK training on Trampwall. She immediately fell in love with Trampwall and within two years of training with TK and Justin started performing in professional Cirque shows performing trampwall and tumbling. She is now one of Firestorm Talents top Cirque performers.




One of the newest Coaches to join the Firestorm Family, Coach Weasle recently moved to Southern California to continue his Breakdance training. He has competed in Cyphers (Breakdance battles/competitions) in multiple states before moving to SoCal.. Weasle has a background in Taekwondo training and performers on the weekends in stunt shows dressed as one of the Ninja Turtles or the Green Power Ranger.