The most unique training facility in Orange County!



The FIRESTORM gymnasium was purposefully conceived, designed, and constructed with all the necessary equipment and structures to teach and train Parkour from the most fundamental basics to the most advanced skills. Special care was taken to make as many section of the gym as adjustable and versatile as possible, allowing for students and practitioners of all ages, heights, and body types to train at their own level and pace.

  • Mario World – Our dedicated training area for our 4 – 6 yr. Little Heroes
  • North America’s LARGEST, fully adjustable Parkour Scaffolding 
  • Ninja Warrior Obstacles; 14′ Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Cliff Hanger, and more
  • Four lanes of Gymnastics Spring Floor
  • Five Aerial rigging points for Silks, Lyra, Straps, Cube, Rope, and more
  • An Olympic Competition Trampoline with 7′ Trampwall platform
  • Foam pit with various height platforms
  • Jumping stilts, practice weapons, weights, bands, and more

Jungle Gym

Mario World

Spring Floor

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