We offer the widest range of classes, for both Kids and Adults, available in all of Orange County! Finding a class that sparks your passion has never been easier!



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At Firestorm, we believe that when you are passionate about something, you will learn faster and stick with it longer, allowing you to learn and grow more. That’s why we offer a huge range of class types, with more to come!

Below you can find a list of all the class types we currently offer.
Ever class we teach has a multi-level curriculum, painstakingly crafted multiple times over testing on literally thousands of students. Our curriculums in all classes are designed to take any person, regardless of skill level, age, or body type, from brand new beginner to an advanced practitioner. Our first two ranks are all focused on safety, proper body positioning, and basic low level safety skills. Each rank you move up opens up new skills designed to build upon the skills learned in your last rank.

Every class we offer is one hour in length and follows this layout:
0 – 5 mins: mobility warm ups
5 – 10 mins: Warm up exercises
10 – 45 mins: Class Specific Skill Training
45 – 50 mins: Strength Training
50 – 55 mins: Stretching
55 – 60 mins: Class cool down, announcement, Ranking up students


We do our best to offer the best all around programs for kids, adults, and families, from beginners to professional level athletes.

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