FIRESTORM ORIGINS Member Exclusive Parkour Competition

Oct. 14th

Members Exclusive Parkour Competition

Join us Oct. 14th from 3:00pm – 7:00pm for our Members Exclusive Parkour Competition.
These Competitions are designed to help students of all ages discover new skills, improve themselves, have way to much fun, and meet other members of the Firestorm Community. Discover awesome, become more awesome, meet other awesome people.

This Firestorm Competition will include three Events: Freestyle Battles, Speed Courses, and Skill Challenges.

Freestyle Battles: (this event is for Green Rank and higher students only) Two students will show off their smoothest flow and most stylish skills. The Coaches decide which student will progress to the next round based on Flow (smoothness between skills), Execution (how well the skills are done), Style (show us your personal style), and Creativity.

Speed Courses: Traverse your way through three unique Obstacle Courses as quickly as possible. Each student receives three attempts on each course o set their fastest time. Your fastest time on each course is added together to set your final time.

Skill Challenges: Test your Parkour skills on our Skill Challenges. Each Challenge Area (Floor, Vaults, Walls, & Bars) has three Challenge levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard) Earn points by completing challenges.

Awards will be given out following the end of the Skill Challenges.
Competition categories are broken down by competitors age: 7-12, 13-17, & 18+  and Rank: White, Orange, Green+

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