What is the 2018 West Coast Parkour Championships?

The west Coast Parkour Championships is an annual series of Parkour Competitions with one competition held each month at a different Parkour Gym.

Each competition host three events (Freestyle, Speed, and Skills) Each competitor competes with other Freerunners in their age bracket (7-12 yrs, 13-17 yrs, or 18+)
With each featuring unique equipment, layouts, and their own styles of each event, no two competitions will ever the same.

The top 10 finishers in each event win points for their home gym in their age bracket
(10th = 1pt,  9th = 2pts,  8th = 3pts,  7th = 4pts,  6th = 5pts,  5th = 6pts,  4th = 8pts,  3rd = 10pts,  2nd = 13pts,  1st = 15pts)
At the end of each competition, points in each age bracket are awarded to the home gym of the students who earned them to determine each age brackets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishing gyms.
These points are recorded and tallied and added from each of the three competitions this year to determine the West Coast Parkour Champions!

The 2018 season has three competitions scheduled (so far…)

Competition 1: Saturday, January 13th @ Freedom in Motion Gym    –    Check in begins at 11:30am for all ages
41513 Cherry St, Murrieta, CA 92562      (951) 397-2070

Competition 2: Saturday, February 3rd @ Firestorm Freerunning & Acrobatics   –   Check in for ages 7 – 12 beings at 10:00am, Check in for ages 13+ begins at 3:00pm
2533 S. Main St. Santa Ana Ca 92707      (714) 458-3733

Competition 3: Date to be Determined @ APEX School of Movement      –      Check in time to be determined
8050 Ronson Rd, San Diego, CA 92111        (858) 987-2355


Speed:  Track your fastest time through multiple obstacle courses, overcoming every obstacle in your path. Parkour at it’s purest.

Skill Challenges:  Earn points by completing challenges. The harder the challenge, the more points it is worth.

Freestyle: Show off your most impressive skills, ingenuity, and flow for your freestyle run.


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