More classes are coming to Firestorm! We are always striving to offer more class types on as many days and time slots as possible.
We want to offer the widest variety of AWESOMENESS that we possibly can. We’ve heard what you have been asking for an are opening up new Aerial Silk, Little Heroes, Trampoline, and Kids Open Gym time slots.

Trampoline – Wednesdays @ 3:30pm + 6:30pm (begins March 8th), Sundays @ 1:00pm (begins March 5th)
Aerial Silks – Fridays @ 5:30pm (begins March 8th)
Little Heroes – Wednesdays @ 3:30pm (already begun!)
Kid’s Open Gym – Tuesday/Thrusdays @ 5:30pm (begins April 4th)   
        We will be closing the existing Parkour classes during these Tues./Thur. 5:30 – 6:30pm time slot

We are stoked to tell you about our THREE NEW PROGRAMS we are looking to offer classes for in April!
Parent & Tot – This class is for our Littlest of Heroes, our 1.5 – 3 year olds. This class is for both the parent and the child. Our coaches train you on how to instill in your child, from this young age where they are absorbing tons of information, proper body position, safety, and an understanding of how their body works. Take advantage of this time in your childs life and make sure they are learning good solid fundamentals.
Breakdance (B-Boy) – Learn the everything from the basic footwork to power moves, acrobatics, and awesome freeze poses of breakdancing! This all ages (7+) class teaches from fundamentals to advanced skills. Learn from the best, Coach Kiki, professional break-dancer and performer with the world famous Flying Tortillas, seen every weekend in the summer performing with Strength Coach Gabe at the Huntington Beach Pier. 
Yoga – Get your stretch on! Increase your flexibility, balance, and core strength in our upcoming yoga classes! This class is for all ages! Come and join us parents!

Our three new programs are still in development as we decide what days and times to initially offer these classes. When would you like to see them? Let us know in the comments below. We always take your ideas and comments into consideration.

Train Hard, Train Safe.
-Coach Justin



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