Also referred to as; aerial tissue, aerial ribbons, and “that Cirque du Soleil thing”, Aerial Silks take your imagination and self-confidence to new heights, figuratively and literally. Performers climb beautiful, flowing fabric utilizing only their own body, increasing strength, flexibility, skill, and confidence.


Our Aerial silks fabric is used to wrap, suspend, swing, and spin your body in and out of new positions. Aerialists use the silks to fly through the air and strike poses, building flexibility and strength.

The foundation for silks can be broken up into climbs, wraps, and drops.

Climbs – The first step is getting up to the top. Slowly but surely, all practitioners are trained on how to properly gain the strength necessary to safely climb up and down the silk. Once you’ve tamed the basic climbs, our instructors will give you new and interesting methods of reaching the top. Whether you’re upright, or upside-down, climbing is the launching point and an amazing workout 15 minutes into the class.

Wraps – For the most complex poses, a good wrap will keep an aerialist safe and secure to pose as they wish. They can wrap one or more limbs, or their waist in order to get into different poses. Eventually, you can use wraps to roll and climb up the silk. Once you’ve found a handful of different ways to get up you’re ready to move onto…

Drops – One of the most dramatic movements in the art of aerial is the drop. After wrapping themselves high up in the air, a controlled drop unravels the aerialist into a safe secure pose.

Incorporating all three of these skills into a silk performance blends elegance with incredible strength and flexibility. Practicing aerial will help you build strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence.

Watch this video to find out more!

Our team of professional coaches and Aerial Performers developed our curriculum to make sure you progress through learning Aerial Silk as quickly and safely as possible.

The Firestorm Family believes that through hard work, perseverance, and seeing obstacles as challenges to help you grow, each and every student can shape themselves into the Hero of their dreams.

AGE Range


Rank Breakdown

White Rank: This introduction Rank teaches how the silks work and move. Students learn beginner climbs, getting up and down the silks safely. Basic foot locks are taught to lock into the silks and perform basic poses. 

Orange Rank: The White Rank foundational skills are added to, introducing intermediate Climbs and Foot Locks that allow students to safely become inverted. New poses are introduced and the fundamentals are laid for your introduction to drops. 

Green Rank: Adding to the intermediate climbs comes learning to climb inverted. Multiple foot locks allow students to choose the best type of lock for their skills and set themselves up for their basic drops. Wraps and poses from White and Orange Rank are strung together into sequences, flowing gracefully from skill to skill.

Blue Rank: Advanced Climbs are introduced, using unique body positions and poses while climbing up and down.  Foot locks become advanced for more difficult poses and setting up students for intermediate drops.  Multiple skills, climbs, foot locks and drops are strung into sequences, creating students first Aerial routines. 

Curriculum Cards and How to Rank Up: Students must master a set number of predetermined skills in order to "Rank Up" and move to more advanced classes. These skills are found on the students Curriculum Card, created when they enroll in classes. To learn more about the Curriculum Cards and how to Rank Up, click the link below.

Aerial Silks Schedule  •  Click to View Full Schedule



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Monday / Wednesday        11:30am - 11:00pm

Tuesday / Thursday.          11:30am - 5:30pm

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Saturday                             10:00am - 1:00pm

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Monday - Thursday                    10:30am - 8:30pm​

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