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The Firestorm Competition Team is a group of some of Firestorm’s most talented and hardest working students, training together to compete in the West Coast Parkour Championships (WCPKC). Every Friday night, the team trains to increase their aptitude in the three general categories of competition: Speed, Skills, and Freestyle. 

SKILL CHALLENGES: Athletes will learn to use their skills in precise and advanced scenarios to overcome set Challenges that escalate in difficulty. The more difficult the Skill Challenge, the more points it is worth. Athletes will train to take their existing skills to an advanced level where they can be used in ever increasingly difficult scenarios.

SPEED COURSES: Point A to B Obstacle Course racing. Athletes will learn how to defeat obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner. Endurance, strength, and reaction speed will be worked on until an Athlete is able to react to and overcome incoming obstacles without losing speed or focus. 


FREESTYLE: Athletes will learn to use their personal style of movement and skills to create unique Lines. Lines are a connected sequence of skills that flow into one another, showing of an Athlete’s style abilities. Freestyle is generally judged based upon: Flow, Creativity, Difficulty, and Execution of skills in an Athlete’s Line


Each Competition Team member has access to a special Maximum Class Membership that allows them to take full advantage of all the classes offered at Firestorm, in addition to their weekly training with some of Firestorm’s best coaches. 


Applications accepted through Monday, Sept. 23

Athletes must have achieved a minimum of Green Rank in Parkour.

Athletes must attend Comp Team Training Sessions every Friday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Athletes must have a current Firestorm Membership. (Accepted Athletes may upgrade to a Comp Team Membership that gives them a Max Class Membership + Comp Team training for only $195/month) Your Competition Team shirt will be covered by Firestorm after your first month. Athletes pay a $80 Coaches travel fee for the season upon joining Comp Team.

Show hard work ethic and ability to follow your Coach's directions.

Show the utmost respect to their fellow students, teammates, and Coaches.

Being a member of the Firestorm Parkour Competition Team is a special privilege. Athletes who are accepted are committing to train, compete, and support their fellow Team Members through the entire 2020 Season.

A Comp Team Coach will respond with a letter of acceptance, or let you know where you need to improve before you can join.

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