Our Team strives to create a Culture of Inclusion. We accept all ages, weights, sizes, and body types. If you come with a passion to improve yourself, learn new skills, and have fun, you will fit right in. We are all about: Community, Passion, Play, and Self-Improvement!



The Firestorm Team is made up of passionate Athletes and Coaches with unique and varying backgrounds: Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, and more. Each of our Coaches unique backgrounds in training allows new ways to understand, explain, and teach skills. We believe there are many different ways to teach skills, as well as learn them. Empowering each student to have fun, make the world their playground, and find their personal style of movement is our Mission.  



We are the Big Kids who never truly grew up. We are the Gamers who decided we could become our own favorite characters and heroes in real life. Our firm belief is that through hard work and perseverance, coupled with knowledgeable, encouraging Coaches, everyone can shape themselves into their own Hero. Every person is filled with unlimited potential just waiting to be tapped. Join us and unleash the hidden talents inside yourself. 




Katie Z.

My son had his first parkour class today and he loved it! Super Helpful and friendly staff; I felt like he was in great hands and very safe! Looking forward to signing up and coming back again soon!

Julie T.

Great classes and coaches! Did a trial class and felt really comfortable and challenged. Fun at the same time!

Mary M.

My son LOVES this place. Energetic and helpful staff! Highly recommend!

Cris M.

Attentive staff combined with technique instruction made my son's first class throughly enjoyable!

Lindsay F.

I take both my boys here. They love it. The coaches are amazing!!! They are real into safety and make sure all the kids get plenty of water. My oldest has asthma and his coach makes sure he’s good at all times!