Our Team strives to create a Culture of Inclusion. We accept all ages, weights, sizes, and body types. If you come with a passion to improve yourself, learn new skills, and have fun, you will fit right in. We are all about: Community, self-improvement, and having fun!   




The Firestorm Team is made up of passionate Athletes and Coaches with unique and varying backgrounds: Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, and more. Each of our Coaches unique backgrounds in training allows new ways to understand, explain, and teach skills. We believe there are many different ways to teach skills, as well as learn them. Empowering each student to have fun, make the world their playground, and find their personal style of movement is our Mission.  



We are the Big Kids who never truly grew up. We are the Gamers who decided we could become our own favorite characters and heroes in real life. Our firm belief is that through hard work and perseverance, coupled with knowledgeable, encouraging Coaches, everyone can shape themselves into their own Hero. Every person is filled with unlimited potential just waiting to be tapped. Join us and unleash the hidden talents inside yourself. 






Firestorm Freerunning Spring Floor
Firestorm Freerunning Spring Floor
Firestorm Freerunning Spring Floor
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Firestorm Bars Section
Firestorm Bars Section
Firestorm Bars Section
Firestorm Bars Section
Firestorm Bars Section
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Firestorm Mario WormFacility-Camp-68
Firestorm Mario World
Firestorm Mario World




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Firestorm Trampoline
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Firestorm Warped Wall
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Firestorm Equipment
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  • Justin Taylor


    Coach Justin grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics from age 6-13 under the tutelage of Edward Azarian and Xiaoping Li, two former Olympic Medalists and World Champions. After gymnastics, Justin entered into the world of Competitive Cheer and competed for the PACE All-Stars for 3 years; His varsity team won two consecutive National Championships. During this time Justin earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Award after 13 years in Cub and Boy Scouts. After he finished Competitive Cheer, he spent high school and college competing in Spring Board High Diving, culminating in a first place finish at the 2007 California State Championships. That same year, Justin finished up his Aggressive Inline skating career with an 8th place finish at the AIL Skating World Championships in the non-sponsored category. After finishing his degree in Industrial Technology from CSU Los Angeles School of Engineering and Technology, Justin began training in parkour and freerunning as well as performing in trampoline, gymnastics, and stunt shows. Justin has always loved teaching children, which stems from his mother running a day care out of his house while he was growing up. After years of gymnastics training and a lifetime surrounded by children, Justin earned his first coaching position at the young age of 13 and has been coaching in gyms and on pool decks ever since. After 13 years of coaching, Justin grew dissatisfied with the restraints placed upon his teaching in mega sized gymnastics gyms. This led to his goal to open his own training academy that offers classes in any and all types of movement.

  • Alyssa Roussel


    Coach Alyssa has been working at working at Firestorm since she was a teen. She grew up as a competitive Gymnast and began teaching tumbling at Firestorm. Showing herself to be a hardworking and smart member of the Team, she began working in the office and made her way up to the General Manager of Firestorm Freerunning - Prime, Santa Ana.

  • Nick Stone


    Coach Nick is one of the oldest members of the team, training Gymnastics and Parkour with Coach Justin before their were any Parkour gyms. Nick is an avid Fire Spinner, master of multiple types of Fire Staffs as well as practicing rope dart. When he is not at the gym he is either studying Wing Chun and Kung Fun or online playing video games with friends.

  • Jacob Demmin


    Coach Jacob is both an Assistant Manager and a Coach, showing that he really can do it all. The only thing Jacob can't do is go 5 minutes without making a pun. The man can find every possible pun in any conversation, something of a blessing, and a curse for those who work in the office with him.
    He is an outgoing Coach who always encourages his students to work through and overcome their fears.

  • Angel Griffin


    Coach Angel Is the Queen of Firestorm as well as the Talent Manager, and with good reason. A dancer at heart Angel has won national championships in both Lind Hop Swing Dance and Salsa.
    Angel runs Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, Firestorm Freerunning's sister company, which supplies performers for private parties, corporate events, and cirque shows. Angel is the talented performer herself, having performed with Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, and on Dancing with the Stars. Angel is a black belt in Kenpo Karate and is the worlds first to fire breathe while spinning with a partner in a cyr wheel.

  • Jeff Dang


    Media Manager Jeff is something of an enigma. You can find him running around any of the Firestorm gyms, playing games with, and small pranks on, the rest of the team and students, all while recording the entire thing. If you have seen any of our videos online or Instagram, Jeff probably made that happen.

  • Madison Hembree


    Coach Madison is an office whiz, always on point and helping parents and students alike manage their memberships, classes, and anything else they need, all with a smile on her face.
    She is incredibly helpful as well as resourceful and constantly goes above and beyond to create solutions to any problems that pop up in the office.
    She is currently working on her AA and is planning to attend UCI.

  • Sarah Sanchez


    Coach Sarah is another one of the Firestorm office staff as well as a great Coach for the Firestorm Tumbling classes. She is a cheerful and hardworking member of the team who always has a smile on her face and a funny quip to share. Sarah actually ended up at Firestorm thanks to her brother David who was a Parkour Coach. Since coming on board she has become an extremely valuable member of the office team.

  • Tyler Aanonson


    Coach Tyler began his career at Firestorm as a child, taking Parkour classes with his brother every week. Not only a great Coach, he is also very handy, helping build and paint the office of Firestorm Ultra in Westminster.
    Tyler is an avid West Coast Swing Dancer and can get down with the best of them.

  • Matt Reiner


    Coach Matt grew up in the small rural town of Springfield, Illinois

  • Andy Dang


    Coach Andy has been training at Firestorm since it opened its doors in 2013. Andy has been dubbed the Green rank of Firestorm as he was the first student to ever earn his Green Rank in every sport that Firestorm offers classes for, a difficult and impressive feat. Andy's favorite class has always been tricking, allowing him to add in the moves he has learned from a background in martial arts, eventually leading to him joining the team and teaching Tricking classes.

  • Ron "weasle" Duran


    Coach Weasle is called so after his B-boy name . An avid dancer you can always find Coach Weasle working on his break dancing moves. He also incorporates tumbling, tricking, and Freerunning into his dancing.

  • Andrew Hoskins


    Coach Andrew has been training Parkour and Freerunning since 2006 and Coaching since 2013.
    His main strength lies in his incredible precision jumping abilities and speed. He has placed top 3 in every single speed competition he has ever entered.
    Outside of Parkour training he is an avid gamer, loves to write, and regularly plays D&D campaigns.

  • Brennan Kane


    Coach Matt grew up in the small rural town of Springfield, Illinois and moved to California to attend UCI at the age of 18. It was here that matt discovered his love of dance, beginning training in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breakdancing. Matt graduated with a B.A. in both Film and Media Studies, and Criminology Law and Society.
    Since then Matt has performed with multiple dance troupes, dancing for events like flash mobs, indie movies, opera performances and more.

  • Quinlan Young


    Coach Quinlan, or "Coach Q" as he is better known, has been a part of Firestorm since before it even existed. Q has been training Parkour and Freerunning for more than a decade. He entered the sport training with Coach Justin and Coach Nick back before there were even any Parkour gym in the United States.
    Coach Q has dedicated his life to teaching children to grow up with strong moral character, and a drive to overcome the obstacles in their lives. He also is trained in and teaches karate.

  • Michael "Haku" Aikens


    Coach Haku is a dance master. You can usually find him vibing out to a beat and breaking it down on the dance floor. He has an extremely unique style of mixing dance and breaking into his Freerunning, creating lines that would look great in any music video.
    Haku primarily runs events like Day Camps, Week Camps, and Parents Night Out. If he is running your child's event, it's pretty much certain that they are in for a treat.

  • Gabe Padilla


    Coach Gabe is the strong man of Firestorm, performing feats of strength that most can only dream of, like planche push ups and diamond handstand push ups. Coach Gabe can be found down in Huntington Beach performing with the busker group "The Flying Tortillas" or on "Strength Project", one of the largest fitness channels on Youtube.
    Coach Gabe is also a competitor in Calisthenics, representing Team America in the World Calisthenics Finals in the Kingdom of Beruit, culminating in a 3rd place finish.

  • Heather Wisehart


    Coach Heather is a fantastic silks Coach and can always e found helping her students learn new skills on the silks. Not only a talented Coach she also has been instrumental in putting together the Firestorm Silks Recitals that take place every six months. On the side Heather customizes high end bags, purses, and wallets into stunning, unique new looks.

  • Seven Perrin


    Coach Seven teaches Trampoline and Trampwall. You can easily spot him in the gym in his all white clothing bouncing on the trampoline and flipping through the air.
    From childhood Seven always had a fascination with all things Cirque, form the trampoline to Unicycling to Cyr Wheel.
    Seven found Firestorm through his local church after hearing how many of the other kids there took Parkour classes at the gym. He came down for his first class, bounced on the Olympic Trampoline for the first time, and the rest was history.

  • Kylie Hunter


    Coach Kylie is not only a great Silks coach but also spends her time helping others. She also works at the Alzheimer's Association, working to help those in need and working to make the world a better place. She can also be found working and playing at the "second" happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

  • Kendra Hoisington


    Coach Kendra is the yogi of Firestorm. Not only does she teach Aerial Silks at Firestorm but she also teaches Yoga at other studios. A very grounded Coach she puts forth tons of hard work and time into helping her students in their skills as well as helping that craft routines for their recitals.
    Kendra loves to hike, do yoga, and used to own her own sandwich shop.

  • Alex Rebara


    Coach Alex is a native of Washington who moved to California to Coach for Firestorm. Before Firestorm he taught Gymnastics and Tumbling at Alley Oops Gymnastics Center. Now he mixes together a wide variety of skills like Break Dancing, Tumbling, Tricking, and Parkour to create some truly unique movement.
    Alex has quickly become a favorite of students at Firestorm with his infectious happy attitude, hard working, and outgoing nature.

  • Ryan Sharbrough


    Coach "Strawberry" teaches Parkour and Trampoline . When he was a child he tried every sport under the son: Tae Kwon Doe, Gymnastics, Soccer, Football, Baseball, etc., but nothing every stuck. Years later he discovered Parkour and it was the first sport that he ever loved.
    Ryan loves anything to do cars, anime, video games and Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Jonas Rullier


    Coach Jonas is a true outdoor Freerunner. If he is not at school or Firestorm he can found outdoors all over Orange County or Los Angeles finding a sweet spot to create some Freerunning Lines. A joker, he is generally teaching classes with a mischievous smile on his face, most likely planning another prank on an unsuspecting Coach.

  • Josh Medina


    Coach Josh is possibly the strongest monkey-man you will ever meet. If there is an object around to climb, Josh is probably already at the top of it. In addition to Parkour Josh trains calisthenics on bars, shoots bows and arrows, and is ALWAYS barefoot. He only owns a single pair of sandals, preferring to use his bare feet at all times.
    Josh can usually be found training his senses through wearing dark tinted goggles and ear plugs.

  • John Delozier


  • Gavin Maddox


    Coach Gavin teaches Parkour at Firestorm, specializing in teaching our newer White and Orange Rank students.
    Gavin not only teaches, but works to help fix and heal people as well, studying spiritual healing at The Modern Mystery School as well as massage therapy at the California Academy for the Healing Arts.



take both my boys here. They love it. The coaches are amazing!!! They are real into safety and make sure all the kids get plenty of water. My oldest has asthma and his coach makes sure he’s good at all times!

Lindsay F.

Yelp Reviewer

My son had the most fun birthday party here. And I had a great time in one of the Ninja Warrior classes learning how freakishly hard all those obstacles are that I’ve seen on TV. The staff are friendly but firm with the kids, ensuring that they enjoy themselves while staying safe. And they are very encouraging.

Nicole T.

Google Reviewer

I brought my almost 5 year old son to parkour class today and he loved it. Coach Gabe is great with the kids and continued to correct their form and tell them they were doing a great job. I love that he would push them to try harder. We are now members.

Keri L.

Facebook Reviewer

I’ve been here for half a year now. It’s like an adult Chuck E Cheese. If you want to train like the superheros and move like Assassin’s Creed and do cool flips and s**** then I would come train here.

Andrew C.

Yelp Reviewer

This is a passionate group of people. I didn’t get a sense of “ego” in this environment, but make no mistake, these are talented people. The feeling of personal growth is strong here. Everyone from parents dropping off their kids to Cirque du Soleil performers can be found here.

Ryan C.

Yelp Reviewer

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